Dimensions Length Width Height
Internal (Top) 1930 670 630
Internal (Bottom) NA NA NA
External 3110 835 955

Color Available* : 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01

Volume* :

Export 20FT 40FT 40HC
Domestic 19FT 22FT 32FT


Part load / Single piece shipment will be in specially designed wooden crate packing and full truck load shipment will be in standard packing of corrugated sheet and stretch film.

Optional Features

SI-CMS12 is the Candy Maker System which can freeze any liquid in 60 min to 120 min. It can be used for making ice candies, sip-up, chill pad, ice cubes, ice block etc. The lid and body all are with heavy insulation which help in min lose of temperature during the process and during the start of next day operation. Since it is plastic body any chemical composition can be used inside the tank.

Salient Features of Seaplast Products

  • Top quality PUR insulated plastic containers
  • Leak proof and durable with long life
  • Unique in-house design and construction for durability
  • Use of certified Fit For Food (3F) Raw Material and virgin
  • Raw material with the highest quality check, purity and UV stability
  • Insulation properties (K-Value) highest to give longer temperature retention
  • High impact and crack resistant product
  • Hight quality accessories with zero corrosion 
  • Designed for easy handling 
  • Easy cleaning and bacteria free
  • Possibility for engraving, in mould & post mould label, screen printing and branding
  • Easy tracking and accountability of each box with identification marking
  • Different colour combination possible*
  • Designed to handle India road conditions
  • Main plastic body made by world leader in LLDPE containers
  • Clean and hygiene product
  • Air tight construction


Terms & Conditions Apply*