Dimensions Length Width Height
Internal (Top) 1160 590 690
Internal (Bottom) 890 580 690
External 1400 835 905

Color Available* : 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01

Volume* : 400 Liter

Export 20FT 40FT 40HC
Quantity 10 22 22
Domestic 19FT 22FT 32FT
Quantity 07 08 12


Part load / Single piece shipment will be in specially designed wooden crate packing and full truck load shipment will be in standard packing of corrugated sheet and stretch film.

Optional Features

SI-0400EFH Eutectic Freezer designed for storage, transportation and distribution of all cold products where scarcity of electricity is a big concern. This product need minimum 6-8 hours of daily electricity supply to sustain and maintain temperature between 18-30 degree range for next 12-14 hours. It come in two size lid opening with drainage for easy cleaning. 

Technical Specification 
  • INSULATION: PUR Insulation 
  • LID TYPE: Plain Lid 
  • DRAIN TYPE: 35 OD Self open
  • CLAMP: 4 Nos. Plastic Clamps
  • HINGE: SS Allen Bolts
Salient Features of Seaplast Products
  • Top quality PUR insulated plastic containers
  • Leak proof and durable with long life
  • Unique in-house design and construction for durability
  • Use of certified Fit For Food (3F) Raw Material and virgin
  • Raw material with the highest quality check, purity and UV stability
  • Insulation properties (K-Value) highest to give longer temperature retention
  • High impact and crack resistant product
  • Hight quality accessories with zero corrosion 
  • Designed for easy handling 
  • Easy cleaning and bacteria free
  • Possibility for engraving, in mould & post mould label, screen printing and branding
  • Easy tracking and accountability of each box with identification marking
  • Different colour combination possible*
  • Designed to handle India road conditions
  • Main plastic body made by world leader in LLDPE containers
  • Clean and hygiene product
  • Air tight construction


Terms & Conditions Apply*