Dimensions Length Width Height
Internal (Top) 1765 846 1164
Internal (Bottom) 1737 818 1164
External 1847 917 1404

Color Available* : 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01

Volume* :

Export 20FT 40FT 40HC
Quantity 10 21 25
Domestic 19FT 22FT 32FT
Quantity 08 11 17


Corrugated sheet with PP film stretch wrapped.

Optional Features

SI-D1610P0 tub which is having 1.4 M height is made for storage on fishing boats. It is also used for cold water storage, chemical storage and in pharma industry. Due to its height and unique shape it has some specific application in every industry. It comes with lid rubber strap, drainage, handle and forklift entry.

Technical Specification 
  • INSULATION: PUR Insulation 
  • LID TYPE: 2 Nos. Plain Lid 
  • DRAIN TYPE: 4 Nos. 53 OD Self Open
  • CLAMP: Rubber Straps 
  • HINGE: SS higne between two lids
Salient Features of Seaplast Products
  • Unique in-house design and construction for durability
  • Use of certified Fit For Food (3F) Raw Material and virgin
  • Raw material with the highest quality check, purity and UV stability
  • Insulation properties (K-Value) highest to give longest cold & hot duration
  • High impact and crack resistant product
  • Hight quality accessories with zero corrosion 
  • Options of some products with drain and without drain facility*
  • Designed for easy handling - manually, in transit and in process
  • Easy cleaning and bacteria free
  • Possibility for engraving, in mould & post mould label, screen printing and branding
  • Easy tracking and accountability of each box with identification marking
  • Packed in corrugate sheet and stretch wrapped 
  • Different colour combination possible*

Terms & Conditions Apply*